All Talk and No Action Monday, May 30, 2011

I am sure this will serve as an eye opener to most dog lovers.
Let's take a very simple piece of advice that trainers take out, which is you should never allow a dog to go in front of you through a doorway because it will give the signal to the dog that you are submissive and are therefore allowing him or her — the dog — to become dominant. Take another one. Many trainers advise against playing tug of war games because there is a risk the dog will win and the dog, by winning, will think that you are being submissive and he will therefore be able to control you in the future. We've done research into a number of these things — including the tug of war game — and have shown that the premise is just completely not true. If you do let a dog win over and over again at tug of war, it likes you. It wants to play with you more than it did to begin with because it's having fun.
This is nonsense of the first order. I cannot begin to explain the awesomeness one experiences, while playing with a dog and letting it win! Very few moments in life equal the happiness and satisfaction that a dog's company brings. At the Matta household, Chotu Matta definitely holds more muscle power than all of us combined. We love it that way.

Also, it would do you and your dog much good if you trained it like you would train your own baby. Potty training included.

The article had me going aww in most places. There is much wrong with the reasons many people prefer to have pets.

Personally speaking, having a pet is as important a decision as having a baby.

You are better off without one if you can't see the emotional side to animals and their rights.

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