All Talk and No Action Friday, June 3, 2011

As a part of a project at work, I have been looking at the importance of visual merchandising in retail. 

Delving into how visuals/design influence buying decisions at the market place has been quite a revelation. 

Ofcourse, there are statistics like 60% of the buying decisions in a store depend on the look, feel, music, lighting and flooring. But, I would rather interest you with a more appealing demo. 

Consider the below video. 

I love the way the designer has infused life in an otherwise boring product (a scarf).

Though not much of a shopper or a brand conscious person, I enjoy strolling through apparel stores. It is much fun to decipher their visual merchandising strategies and the stories their brands narrate.


aakash said...

there indeed is a story behind the way a product is placed and projected. Being a design student, we often do similar assignments.


All Talk and No Action said...

@aakash - This is interesting... Would like to get more insights from an insider :-)