All Talk and No Action Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Everything I have ever felt about Baba Ramdev but haven't been able to enunciate in my talks with friends and acquaintances can be found here.

I don't like the idea of holding fasting interventions. Not that I am against the sentiment. Just that I don't see too much value in such mass movements. There has to be a better, faster and more effective method of dealing with this demoniacal government and making it listen to our demands. Personally, fasting seems too sweet and courteous a method to deal with people who keep looting us day in and day out.

Also, sometimes, fasting appears to be more opportunistic, and less noble in nature.

I hope more people write and voice their opinion on the ugly treatment meted out to Baba Ramdev and his supporters. This is an outrage you ought to feel.


aakash said...

I still can't believe UPA could be stupid enough to fuel such an incident that would eventually destroy their votebank. And they are still defending the act.
I agree to the notion that there should be a better way to push the bars for the govt. Repeatedly sitting for hunger strike is kind of killing the weight and effectiveness of the whole act. Btw as far as Baba ramddev is concerned, I personally dislike his stand on the lokpal bill. He should be siding with Anna Hazare and working for the cause rather than creating his personal popularity index..


All Talk and No Action said...

@aakash - Oh, I think UPA is a lot more stupid than we can credit them for ;-)

But on a serious note, more than vote bank, I think their measure undermined a fundamental right of the people... if you observe the tv clippings of the police crackdown... you would think we were in Egypt/Libya and not an India.

I concur - Baba Ramdev should have been better off in the very first fasting intervention, with Anna. However, the fallout of his fast has been great - atleast the ugly motives of the govt. are out in the open.

ameet said...

Congress means ANTI-INDIA.

They only want to rule, they dont have any petrotism for country.

They are in race of making Fast money, Swiss bank is there own bank.

Hey Ram plz..... destroy this party and save my beloved country

clueless comrades said...

I agree.. He might have some demands which were infeasible but sending in cops with riot control gear was unjustifiable.