All Talk and No Action Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The below is a 9 minute video on Esref Armagan – a Turkish man without sight. 

The video is remarkable as it shows Esraf drawing and painting with much finesse. We are also reminded again that we really know very little about the human brain.

I would be much interested in understanding how Esraf is able to determine the colors of landscapes he paints. Just how does he ever understand that the sky is supposed to be blue and a tree is supposed to be green?

I once taught a visually challenged girl and found it extremely difficult to explain the concept of colors. During one of my sessions with her, I was meant to explain stuff like guessing the time of the day by looking at the color of the sun and its placement in the sky. I started with using dense terms like deep red and burning orange and sunny yellow till she happened to mention that she had never ever seen and probably will never see what these shades look like. 

Just how does one explain how cool the sun looks with a tinge of red in the morning sky, to someone who has never had the luxury of vision? 


aakash said...

I believe, and partly through experiences that when they are denied of something, they are gifted with some. Blind people have this amazing sensitivity to touch, smell and hear. May be you can explain the redness of a morning Sun, by the warmth of a affectionate hug. It is always a perspective, isn't it. :)


All Talk and No Action said...

@aakash - Yes, I agree about their other faculties becoming sharper. Still, I am sad that they can't experience and feel some of the better moments life has to offer. Conversely, I also wonder just how many of the sighted enjoy such pleasures and not take such gifts for granted..?

S.R.Ayyangar said...

Remarkable and unbelievable!God's given talent.

S.R.Ayyangar said...

Just remarkable and unbelievable

College Papers said...

Blind people can't enjoy this colourful world. they have sharp sensitivity as compered to normal people who can see. we should be thankful to god that they gave us so many qualities in order to make their life easy to spend.
blind people is the lesson for those who don't love their life.

allthecrap said...

As they say, Truth is stranger than fiction.

All Talk and No Action said...

@SR Ayyangar - Yes, remarkable indeed.

@Collegepapers - Thanks for stopping by.

@allthecrap - Couldn't agree more :-)