All Talk and No Action Sunday, October 9, 2011

Certainly not Arnab Ray's May I hebb your attention pliss

During my recent travel, this was one of the books I carried and hoped to finish in one sitting.

However, by the 3rd chapter I was ready to tear the book and throw it out of the train. Only, I didn't own it, and felt I would have to spend money on gifting it back to the owner.

I will not review the book and its content. It will waste precious time.

Though, I will add that I was surprised by the reviews I found floating around the web. Heaps of praise for such crap?!

The day you have to explain your jokes and punch lines, God help you as an entertainer.

Of course, humour is not the only thing gone wrong here.

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allthecrap said...

Heh, All I can say is I told you so. :P I survived only 10 pages.