All Talk and No Action Monday, December 5, 2011

In sum, the bania shopkeer is powerful in all democracies. He uses small-man rhetoric to advance his interests, but, far from being weak and unorganized, is actually highly organized, whereas the consumer is not. The bania constitutes a vote bank, which the ordinary consumer does not. The bania is an important political donor, which the aam admi is not. For all these reasons, the aam bania repeatedly triumphs over the aam admi.

Another excellent write up to archive on the FDI in retail issue.


My final year thesis during graduation was on sunrise sectors of India. Retail took up much space in the report. It continues to enamour me even today.

Before you take any political party's word for it,  do your own research and read up on how retail has transformed India and other countries.

Change is discomforting. But often it's the only panacea.


Most ordinary folks, whose daily dose on retail comes from newspapers, may not be able to fully appreciate the trickle effects on the economy in terms of employment, logistics, transportation and real estate. I will make a small atempt to explain just some areas/professions that will benefit with the opening up of the sector.

As I had explained earlier, a major store will employ at least 100 people directly in various capacities.

Apart from these, following (in no particular order) will hugely benefit :

architects, interior designers, fashion designers, food experts, food technology graduates, food consultants, visual merchandising graduates, animation graduates, film makers, actors, editors, writers, singers, content writers, printing and publishing services, hotel management graduates, hotel management colleges staff, retail graduates, retail colleges' staff, trucking companies, packaging services, hotels, catering services, airlines, travel agencies, mobile/social media application developers, videographers, tile manufacturers, air conditioning companies, lights and fitting companies, cement companies, construction companies, indigenous furniture manufacturers, language experts, voice training/accent neutralisation experts, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, supply chain graduates, copy writers, web developers, corporate trainers, teachers, subject matter experts, plastic products' manufacturers, toilet paper companies, glass and marble factories, security and other staffing companies, retail software developers, textile companies, shoe manufacturers, grooming experts, learning solutions companies, e-learning companies, sociologists, anthropologists, legal advisors, lawyers, auditors, stationery and other office suppliers, cleaners, washers, office boys, warehousing and cold storage staff, PR experts, social media agencies, communications experts, advertising agencies, market research agencies, insurance companies, actuaries aandd sooo onnn.

The above service providers only help in running a retail store, and we haven't even started discussing the producers whose goods will be sold within the store!

I also want to highlight that India's most beloved professionals : engineers, marketing whizkids, MBAs  and doctors will also be hired in droves. However, the purpose of this list is to let people soak in the possibilities that will open for various non glamourous occupations in India.

Again, this is the "top of my head" kind of a list. I am sure I have missed out on many other services.

Ergo, let's hope India moves ahead on such reforms and we get to enjoy some long deserved economic benefits.

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