All Talk and No Action Monday, December 5, 2011

Somtimes I think it is a miracle to keep alive in India, especially in a metro.

Take this news for example.

Less than a third of the IB's estimated 25,000-strong manpower, two former high-ranking officers told The Hindu, is dedicated to what might be described as national security tasks — like monitoring terrorist groups or extremist organisations. Even that ratio, one serving officer said, was “a charitable assessment.”

...highly placed intelligence sources have told The Hindu, a large part of the IB's resources were committed, and remain committed, to providing the government raw information and assessments on its increasingly bleak political prospects. In the summer, the IB carefully monitored Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's public meetings in Uttar Pradesh after the events at Bhatta Parsaul; later it sought to penetrate Anna Hazare's anti-corruption mobilisation in New Delhi.

On the upside, this news offers tremendous opportunities to martial arts' professionals to set more shops, for in future, we will have citizen armies looking after their own security measures.

link via Vikas.

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