All Talk and No Action Sunday, April 1, 2012

I was able to manage only four movies past month. This could have been a matter of concern, had the rest of the days not been spent fruitfully - watching Community and Yes Minister.

Here goes -

Carnage (March 7) - A highly nuanced movie, deliciously sarcastic and superbly enacted. I was very happy to watch Christoph Waltz; he is study in perfection. Again, one doesn't need too many props to make good cinema. Well written is more than half done. 

Leaving Las Vegas (March 8) - A depressing story of alcoholism and abuse. Well performed. Probably the only time I felt positive about the otherwise irritating Nicholas Cage.

The Great debaters (March 9) - Some movies pick up the gauntlet of entertaining as well as lending  meaning to the larger canvas of life. This is one such exquisite story.

Kahaani (March  31) - I was glad to see an almost well constructed thriller. While the climax didn't sit too well with me, Kahaani has too many strengths, to complain. And, personally, if I ever have to choose a second favourite actress after Madhuri, it'll have to be Vidya Balan. Sorry Kajol.

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