All Talk and No Action Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Frankly, am bored reading such stuff

Yeah, I know that my attitude is wrong. I should be more concerned and not show dis-interest towards such news.

Rather, this is supposed to make me spring into action and take an oath that I wouldn't be party to such stuff.

All true.

But it's sooo damn frustrating to read such demotivating news day in and day out !

A rape here, a CEO murdered there, A minister justifying the CEO's murder (This one actually made me roll with laughter, yeah I know it's not funny !), a school child killed by a truck, political despondency in responding to flood victims, blaaah blaaah blaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

I mean going by such headlines - we should be the most pathetic, hypocratic, insensitive hooligans on the face of Earth ! (I am scared as this could actually be true !)

Maybe the media should cover stories and examples of real life heroes and try and re-inforce the inherent good in Indians.

This is very much necessary to re-convert all cynics.


DIA said...

Yesterday only I turned off the tv and have not read the newspaper because I am sick and tired of watching and reading murders, blasts, killings day in and day out!

There is not a single peice of good news anywhere!

Sometimes i feel i should just shut down from what is happening around and focun only on MY life. But then a scary thought crosses my mind, what if someone of great or maybe little importace in my life is a victim of such a dreadful event....

I wonder if the world was always like this...
Just that earlier we were too young or too busy with obtaining degrees that we dint notice or dint pay much attention .....

Sometimes it seems that the world was always like this....war, killings, drought, flood, plague, earthquakes.....natural or man made...!!

All Talk and No Action said...

@Dia -
True. One tends to get dejected and depressed which eventually lead to Cynicism.
this is what we need to prevent from happening...

Also, what's important is what our role will be in this world and not how good/bad the world has been...

Anil Lahoti said...

Lost Morales and Increased Commercialism...

Yesterday one news was there on TV that because of non payment of charges a kid was not operated and died.
Parents had admitted this 2 month old kid having nymonia in Apollo hospital on 16th. They deposited 5000 twice but expenditure went upto 100000 & they couldnot gather that much.
They last came to see their kid on 20th. The kid died on 23rd because of non operation.
Is this humanity? Why do we call doctors lifesavers?
They have actually turned it into "life business".
I had a bit of hatredness for "dogtors" always.
I never liked going to a doctor.
Sitting for long in queue waiting for your turn, their non sympathetic /fake sympathesizing voice, prescribing medicines of chemist makers from whom they get high commission, expensive medicines, even commission by referring to particular drug store! There is more but I dont want to continue for these life eaters.
Because they have paid so much money & time for this degree, they are recovering back.
All this has come directly from my heart.

Somehow I feel if one is not politician/celebrity/beautiful/rich then being common he is of not much worth.

BS.. said...

I guess it's the same everywhere irrespective of the country..
News channels everywhere give more coverage to murders, looting etc than good / inspirational ones..

And I think the reason is that...
Bad news catches your attention and stays with you more than a good news...Even in your day-to-day life, we probably would remember who died recently rather than who gave birth recently...

Also, if the article had said India is in the top 10 wrt integrity, probably you would not have written about it at all ;)

All Talk and No Action said...

@Anil -
Yup. I agree that Medicine has become more of a commercial profession than a noble one. But I wouldn't paint everyone with the same brush. There do exist some noble docs committed to the cause of humanity. I have a few in my family and friend circle.
Also, afa your comment about the common man is concerned - I again don't agree completely. With RTI, Mass movements and the likes - it's the common man who is at an advantage. He can get anything he asks for. Only a will and direction is required. There is a LOT a common man can do IF he wishes to.

@BS -
True, bad news catches more eye balls. Yet, on the flip side it makes people immune to the bad happening around them.
We need better and positive news - Example - stories on entrepreneurship, personal victories over ailments, strong social commitment, etc...
A "Teach India" ad can do wonders for public morale. Similarly, many hearts went out to the Anonymous Donor who bailed out 3 farmers in Maharashtra by paying up their debt worth a few lacs.
It's news like this that stays and motivates people.