All Talk and No Action Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Wasssupp?? Wats new??"

In everyday lingo, this is a very common question friends ask each other.

This one, generally leaves a talkative person like me speechless !

Yeah...As in, I don't really have any answers to "wasssupppp gal? Life mai naya kya hai..?" And this coming from people who I talk frequently with...

On mumbling vague answers, I am often told..oh God ! How boring ! Don't you ever get bored?

Well, No. I hardly ever get bored.

Lovely family, cutest pet, fabulous friends, good music, amazing books, stable work, teaching, movies are enough to fill me with excitement.

Why would I ever get bored??

Also, I am perfectly fine being by myself. I can stay perfectly happy and calm even in my own company. Is this very difficult to comprehend?

On the contrary, I find it hard when people seek constant company, for they are afraid of loneliness. On being told that no, I didn't do anything out of the world over the weekend, yesss, I was at home, spent time playing with my pet and chatting with my mom, I am often told that this is a boring activity !

Maybe, I should be spending more time out, dining with more people, making new friends, attending clubs and parties and basically something out of the world to "show" that yaa...I do have an exciting life !

Well, all I have to say is, I don't have to go far to find happiness. I find it at home.

With elaborate family luncheons.

With friends visiting and making it a merry day.

With teaching.

With watching some world class cinema from my newly acquired collection.

And, I don't ever get bored. It would take a Tsunami of boredom to bore me.

So, next time you ask me wassuppp?! Be prepared to get a boring reply yet again !


Yogesh said...

hey Mukta, wassup??

and hey dont give me ur boring reply again... tell me something new...

All Talk and No Action said...

@Yogesh - Ghar aaiye...sab sawalon k jawab mil jaayenge

BS.. said...

Arey u said you will giving BORING replies when asked boring Q's...
but isko toh surely BORING reply nahin bolte....
isko toh DHAMKI bolte hain...

wassup ka jawaab...."ghar aaiye...batata hoon"..!!

God save the souls who ask you anything henceforth.!! :P