All Talk and No Action Monday, June 29, 2009

A perfect way to say goodbye to the weekend would be a yummy dinner followed by a great book.

I had both last night.

Lots of celebrations were in order and we decided to club all in one...

We decided to go to Oasis (Opposite Tata Institute of Social Sciences).

The place boasts of a Multi-cuisine Restaurant (Nirvana), two large Banquet Halls (which go by the name of Mirage 1 and 2) and a rocking Bar called Excess..

We went to Nirvana and were lucky to get a table since the place was bustling with feverish activity and lots of clatter.

The Interiors are done tastefully with delicate, miniature pieces that seem straight out of the stone age...White walls and high ceilings helped create a cool and soothing effect. The lights are just perfect and the floating candles made for a perfect setting for a hearty family meal.

Nirvana offers Indian, Continental and Oriental fares.

In the Indian platter, the place offers everything from Street Food delights like Chaat and Tikkis to more wholesome dishes like Kebabs and Tandoor.

We decided to experiment to our heart's content.

For starters I shared Tomato Soup with my dad. I felt it was a little too thick. Tasty, but a little too starchy.

Somehow, my family and I feel that a restaurant's true test is in it's Veg. Crispy. I don't know why, but we think so :)

The Veg. Crispy here was a little too sweet. We also munched on Methi Till Seekh Kebabs and Makhmalli Paneer (Paneer cubes marinated in Cashew nut and white sauce and cooked in Oven). The starters were okayish. Not very filling or tasty. The kebabs were bland while Paneer was too less in quantity to get noticed !

We all were a little dejected about the starters since the lovely ambiance had really set our expectations high.

The main course did save the day.

We ordered Balti Paneer (spicy cubes cooked in tickling tomato gravy), Spinach Balls in Manchurian Gravy , Szechwan Fried Rice, Roti Ki tokri and Alfredo (Pasta in white sauce and herbs) served with Garlic Toast.

The food was yum. Yet, the quantity wasn't sufficient for the five of us and we had to call for another Roti ki Tokri and a Vegetable Biryani too.

Even the tokri, for that matter didn't offer too much variety. Garlic Naan, Aloo Paratha and Methi ki Roti were missing ! Plain rotis and makkai ki rotis were all that we were served.

The menu offers quite a sumptous variety in European and Chinese fare. However, it was a little surprising to find the waiter suggesting (a tad too forcefully) that we drop our choice of checking out the European style Sauteed Mushrooms.

Also, Oasis, gives a 100% and a little more where ambiance is concerned. However, money wise, it's on the expensive side.

Even though we didn't go for any alcoholic drinks, our bill did come up to a hefty amount.

So, definitely, worth a try for some delicious Indian and European fare, but could burn a hole in your pocket !


ZiLliOnBiG said...

**A perfect way to say goodbye to the weekend would be a yummy dinner followed by a great book.**I agree with the yummy dinner part but BOOKS????????

How boring???(just kidding), looks like you read more books than you breath.....Carry on, thats the best thing to do in life, I buy loads of book but read only 1/4th of it....I just show off to people that i am a voracious reader. Oops, i almost confessed...

Anonymous said...

Seems like you had nice week-end... :)

waise even I wanna know about book.


All Talk and No Action said...

@ZilionBIG - Haha...Ya ending a day not just weekend with a book seems perfect to me...
Earlier I did breathe books...Not anymore. But ya, don't leave the house without a book...
Thanks for stopping by...

@allthecrap - Ya...nice weekend spent with family...

Book ke baare mai kya janna hai? I am currently reading Mr. Obama's thoughts...what are you reading?

Anonymous said...

I meant ki the book also....

waise I am reading thoughts of mr richard branson..."loosing my virginity"... :)

All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - Oh ya. I will definitely share all the wisdom I collect from Mr Obama :)

BTW, Branson ki book bhi padhna chahti hoon. Chalo, next books ka lineup abhi se tayar hai...Shantaram & Branson. Maybe a Fiction too thrown in between :)

What's in a name? said...

"Balti Paneer" sounds like you had bucket full of paneer....hehe

All Talk and No Action said...

@What's in a name - Haha. The dish was actually served in a little metallic Balti.. Hence, the name :)