All Talk and No Action Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The below are some snaps clicked by my colleague Ritesh and me at Anmol.

Farida Lambay - The Chief Guest

Wares that Anmol produces


Anonymous said...

Nice pics yaar...some cute faces and some stars too... :D

btw diya looking super cute.. :P


All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - Thank you from Anmol and Dia :-)

Dhawal Shah said...

This is great. One of the questions that I keep getting asked is that why dont you volunteer for any NGO or support any cause and so on and so forth. Maybe this might help.

I recd. a strong spiritual response from Prem Kishore Prabhu, a devotee and brahmachari at Radha Gopinath Temple.

He said that social service and volunteering is a form of self-gratification, and I couldnt be more assured, he said that if one really wants to make a difference,
he should do it keeping Krishna at the very heart of it. Now that may not be possible at a macro level.

There are enough projects at ISKCON, Food For Life, Farm School, Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Gopal Fun School, Cow Protection and many others. However, Bhakti continues to be the primary form of devotion or self help, one could probably offer.

Hare Krishna to all.

All Talk and No Action said...

@Dhawal - Thanks for sharing Prabhu Ji's wisdom. However, only truly enlightened souls might understand what he meant. For normal mortals, volunteering is a first step to understand the needs of the marginalized sections of society.