All Talk and No Action Thursday, October 29, 2009

Javed Akhtar and his timeless lyrics never fail to impress me. I share some of my most favourite songs by the Bard of Bollywood

The following words sung by "Mohan" never fail to amaze me. Every time I listen to the tracks from Swades, I feel I am re-learning the basics of life.

The following is another one of my all time favourites. The lyrics are so simple, yet keep you coming back for more. This song makes "Zindagi" sound so full of life.

One of the very few movies that I will never tire of watching, enjoying and loving. The lyrics of the below song are perfect. It helps that the song is shot beautifully and there is a fine blending of the inner turmoil that the protagonists suffer with the external background of a war.

The title track is special for reasons apart from the stunning lyrics.

This is one of the sweetest songs ever written. I remember singing it for friends who felt bored or low (Phew, Now that I think, there is no reason why we should have felt low - just what the heck do Collegians ever do anyway ?!)

The below is one of the best that the Akhtar- Rahman duo have gifted us with. You don't have to be Emperor Akbar to feel the "divine presence". One automatically goes into a trance while listening to this beautiful rendition.


Anonymous said...

I think my all time javed akhtar fav is 'ye jo desh' and 'tanahai' from DCH..... :)


ashkd said...

Great to see another Javed Akhtar fan.. :-) i love the lyrics of both Javed Akhtar and Gulzar.. both are legendary poets..

I agree with all your songs.. but in Swades i like... ye tara wo tara, as the BEST song.. :-)

Dhawal Shah said...

Yeah, I liked his songs all this while, but never knew or cared to know about the lyrics, but glad to know that it is Mr. Akhtar

All Talk and No Action said...

@allthecrap - Oh each song of Swades competes with each other to get the tp slot ! :) My fave from the movie is Yuhin Chala Chal...

@ashkd - Yes, Gulzar is another fave.
Both of them can express the same emotion in varied using using complex words to very simple words...

@Dhawal - Glad to know that I could be of help here.